Four Year Old Classes

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This Class is held with an option of three (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) or four days (Monday through Thursday) per week.

The structure promotes independance, role playing, and growing socially.

Children attending this class must be four by September 1st of the school year and must be potty trained.

This class will provide children the social and academic readiness for the next stage of learning.

Children who have attend this class are eligable for the Kindergarten Prepeartion Class or for Kindergarten.

2012 - 2013 Tuition rates for this class include the following schedule options;

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: Annually $2438.00.00 or $270.00 per month

Monday thru Thursday: Annually $3197.00 or $345.00 per month

Annual Registration for a three day class is $75.00; and a four or five day class is $90.00.